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Willow Hill is a multi-talented singer, songwriter and performer, from Lancashire (England), of Scandinavian, Celtic, Balkan, Iberian and Caribbean heritage. 

She began to pick up various instruments and a love for writing from a
very young age, joining Orchestras to Jazz bands throughout Adolescence. Her introduction to the Music Industry, arrived in the form of ghost writing, for other artists, major labels and studios, before developing and releasing her own original music.

Her 'bluesy' and 'soulful vocals' soon gained recognition after the launch of her independent solo career in the Summer of 2014. Since, she's released acclaimed singles, earning support in both the UK and overseas. Following a scouting by BBC Introducing, she began to feature in radio interviews, perform LIVE on festival stages and increasingly helps to raise awareness on a variety of topics through musical discussion.


She's currently recording a highly anticipated Debut Album.
Within her modelling career, she's been the face of nationwide campaigns as well as being published in multiple magazines.

Single by Willow Hill
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